Easy Ways to Get Customers for Free

In this guide, we’ll explore seven simple yet effective strategies to attract customers without spending a dime. These tactics have proven successful in various businesses, leading to substantial revenue growth. Let’s dive into each method, providing you with actionable steps to implement them within a week.

1. Leverage Referrals

Referrals are gold mines for businesses. Referred customers are more likely to buy, spend more, and refer others. Here’s how to maximize referrals:

Ask for Referrals at the Point of Sale:

Script: “Who else do you know who might also want this?” Use a clear and direct approach to prompt customers to think of potential referrals.


Make it a standard practice for your sales team to ask for referrals immediately after a sale.

2. Gift Card Play

Use gift cards as a strategic tool to attract new customers, especially around holidays.

How to Implement:

Offer Gift Cards: Provide gift cards equal to one core unit of service (e.g., a £200 gift card for a gym membership).

Discount Strategy: Offer a 90% discount on these gift cards to incentivize purchases (e.g., sell the $200 card for $20).

Referral Process: Allow customers to buy gift cards for others, capturing the referral’s contact information.


Announce the gift card offer to your customer base.

Limit two gift cards per customer to encourage more referrals.

Set an expiration date to create urgency.

3. Exchange Discounts for Referrals

When a customer asks for a discount, offer it in exchange for referrals.


“I’d love to give you a discount. Just provide the names of three friends who might be interested in our services.”


Converts a discount request into potential new leads.

Ensures that discounts are earned through value exchange.

4. Referral at Success Moments

Capitalise on moments when customers experience success with your product or service.

How to Implement:

After a successful outcome (e.g., weight loss), ask for referrals.

Script: “Who else do you know who would benefit from this?”

Take a photo with the customer and their successful outcome, and send it to potential referrals.

5. Handwritten Cards for Events

Combine personalised invitations with events to attract new leads.

How to Implement:

Write Handwritten Invitations: Send personalised cards inviting customers to events (e.g., appreciation events, workshops).

PS Note: “PS: If you take a picture of this letter and text it to a friend, they can join the event with you.”


Plan a quarterly event for your customers.

Send out handwritten invitations with a personal touch.

Encourage customers to invite friends by sharing the invitation.

6. Spouse Referral Request

Encourage customers to involve their spouses in your services.


“Do you think your spouse would benefit from this? We’ve found that people who do this with their spouses are three times more successful.”


Identify services that spouses can participate in together.

Highlight the increased success rate for couples.

Offer a special program for spouses to join.

7. Promote “Bring a Friend” Campaigns

Encourage customers to bring friends to your business.

How to Implement:

Messaging: Regularly remind customers to bring friends in all communications (e.g., emails, social media posts).

Incentive: Emphasize the benefits of participating with friends.

Success Story:

A large-scale online challenge saw a 25-30% increase in customers through a simple “bring a friend” reminder.

By implementing these seven strategies, you can significantly increase your customer base without spending extra money. Referrals are a powerful tool that can drive exponential growth. Make asking for referrals a habit, leverage gift cards, and capitalise on moments of success. Engage customers with personalised invitations and encourage them to bring friends and family. These methods are simple, actionable, and can be started this week. Happy hunting!

Quick Bullet Points of Actionable Learning Points:

  • Ask for Referrals: Use direct, clear language to prompt customers for referrals immediately after a sale.
  • Gift Cards: Offer heavily discounted gift cards to customers for referring new leads.
  • Exchange Discounts: Provide discounts in exchange for referrals, ensuring mutual value.
  • Success Moments: Ask for referrals at moments of customer success and capture the moment with photos.
  • Handwritten Invitations: Send personalized cards for events and encourage customers to invite friends.
  • Spouse Referrals: Promote programs that spouses can do together, highlighting increased success rates.
  • “Bring a Friend” Campaigns: Regularly remind customers to bring friends in all communications.
  • Follow-Up Events: Host events where customers can bring friends and set follow-up appointments with new leads.

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