How to Convert Over 75% of Your Trial Members into Long-Term Clients

Hey, what’s going on? It’s Coach Ryan “Caveman” Croft, owner of Primal Life Gym, Simply Prep, and The Wild Health Co. Today, I want to share some essential strategies to help you grow your gym business, convert trial members into long-term clients, and increase your revenue. By following these steps, you can ensure that your clients see success and remain loyal to your gym. Let’s dive in!


I opened my first gym six months before the lockdown! I know, worst timing ever to open a gym, right? BUT it forced me to learn and to learn fast. Post-COVID, I filled my facility and have now moved on to building a franchise model for Primal Life. Now, I need you to understand I’m not telling you this to brag; I’m telling you this so you understand that I didn’t have an easy start, quite the opposite. The ONLY reason my gym still exists is because I learned how to market it effectively using a lean but broad range of streams that all feed each other.

Now, let’s explore the process that took us from struggling to running multiple successful locations and always being able to acquire more customers.

Reinforce Your Role in Their Success

Step 1: Reinforce the Guide

When your clients start seeing success, they often attribute it solely to their effort. While their effort is essential, it’s crucial to remind them that your guidance played a significant role in their achievements. Make sure they understand that without your accountability, nutrition plans, and fitness classes, they wouldn’t have seen the same results.

Accountability: Highlight how your accountability system has kept them on track.

Nutrition Plan: Emphasize the role of your nutrition guidance in their progress.

Fitness Classes: Stress how access to your fitness classes has been a game-changer.

Step 2: Congratulate and Acknowledge

When meeting with your trial members, usually at the halfway point of their trial, the first thing you should do is congratulate them on their effort and progress. Even if they haven’t seen significant physical changes, acknowledge their commitment to showing up and working hard.

Celebrate Efforts: Praise their consistency and effort.

Acknowledge Small Wins: Point out any improvements, no matter how small.

Define a Long-Term Goal

Step 3: Establish the Long-Term Vision

Help your clients understand that real, lasting results come from long-term commitment. Paint a picture of what their future could look like if they continue working with you. Make it clear that a short-term trial is just the beginning and that sustained success requires ongoing effort and support.

Set Realistic Expectations: Explain that significant transformations take time.

Create a Vision: Help them visualize their long-term goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Make the offer

Step 4: Present the Long-Term Commitment

At this point, it’s time to make the offer for a long-term membership. Highlight the importance of not taking a step back and losing the progress they’ve made. Stress that continuing with your program will ensure they keep moving forward towards their goals.

Reiterate Success Factors: Remind them that their success is due to the combined effect of fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

Offer Continuity: Ensure them that continuing the program will help them maintain and build on their progress.

Step 5: Guarantee the Goal

Eliminate any perceived risk by offering a guarantee. This could be something like: “You will lose X amount of pounds by Y date, or I will keep working with you for free until you do.” Make sure to set clear conditions for this guarantee.

Set Conditions: Clients must attend 100% of the workouts, respond to accountability check-ins, and follow the nutrition plan.

Offer Assurance: This shows your confidence in your program and reduces their hesitation to commit.

Create Urgency with a Same-Day Discount

Step 6: Provide a Limited-Time Offer

To create urgency and encourage immediate commitment, offer a same-day discount. Explain that this special price is available only if they sign up today. Credit any trial fees they’ve paid towards their membership to further sweeten the deal.

Highlight Savings: Show how much they can save by committing now.

Ease the Transition: Offer to start the payments at the end of the trial period.

The Easy Card Close

Step 7: Seal the Deal

When closing the deal, make it as simple as possible. Use the card they have on file and get a signed agreement. This formalizes their commitment and ensures they are fully on board.

Keep it Simple: Use the card on file to finalize the transaction.

Get it in Writing: Always have a signed agreement to avoid any misunderstandings.

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can convert over 75% of your trial members into long-term clients. Remember, the key is to tie their success back to your guidance, set long-term goals, offer guarantees, create urgency, and close the deal efficiently.

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Stay consistent, keep learning, and dominate your space!

Peace out, Coach Ryan “Caveman” Croft

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